History in Charts is a website dedicated to sharing historical periods, events and people, and the data behind them.

For visual learners history can be difficult to relate to. Inserting historical data into a chart format allows us to see history in a different light. Not only are there pictures and paintings to give us insights, but also data and records that can tell us many more details surrounding the events and people.

Each post contains a graphic showing a data subset of that topic. Much can be learned by visualizing these numbers, dates, and trends.

History in Charts writes about history in four broad categories:

  • Economy – analyzes economic impacts from historical events
  • Military – details battles and wars and the data behind them
  • Politics – reviews nation states, governments, and the political figures within them
  • Population – analyzes trends concerning the movements, declines, or subsets of various populations

In addition, we write about varying world regions:

There are copious amounts of overlap between the categories as history does not fit so neatly into boxes.

History can be exciting, puzzling, mysterious, and captivating, sometimes all at once. This is what brings people back, again and again. Our ability to learn from our collective history enables us to move forward to create a better future.

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

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