5 Largest Nuclear Bombs by Yield

Humanity has created many horrible weapons through history. Weapons capable of killing people easier and faster. Weapons where you don’t even have to see the person to kill them. But the most horrifying and devastating weapons we’ve ever created have been nuclear weapons. This chart shows the 5 largest nuclear bombs by yield ever made.

First, for comparison sake there has only been two nuclear bombs ever used against humans. Those that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that contributed an end to the deadly World War II.

These two bombs completely leveled the two cities. In Hiroshima around 80,000 people were killed instantly. In Nagasaki it was 40,000. This doesn’t include the tens of thousands more that died in the days following and years later from radiation poisoning.

The bombs that caused that much death and devastation don’t even show up in the top five largest nuclear bombs ever made. The Hiroshima bomb (Little Boy) measured in at 13 kilotons. The Nagasaki bomb (Fat Man) had an estimated yield of 21 kilotons. What this means is that their explosions were the equivalent of 13,000 and 21,000 tons of TNT.

All the bombs in the chart are listed in megatons. The largest of them called Tsar Bomba had a yield around 50 megatons, or 50,000,000 tons of TNT. One can only imagine the destruction caused by such a weapon.

5 Largest Nuclear Bombs by Yield

5 Largest Nuclear Bombs by Yield chart

The Tsar Bomba was a Soviet made weapon upon which video of the test was recently released. The blast was so devastating it is reported to have broken windows up to 560 miles away.

The B41 is the largest US nuclear weapon ever made, though it was never tested. They remained in services for a couple decades before being retired in 1976.

The TX-21 “Shrimp” is the largest US weapon ever tested. This was the bomb used in the Castle Bravo test at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

The last two bombs (Mk 17 and Mk24) were identical in appearance and their payloads. The only difference was their secondary. These bombs were very large and the heaviest nuclear weapons the US ever built.


Source: Army Technology

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